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An overview of Jorg@s Print E-mail

Brief history and highlights

Our company was founded in 1999 by 3 collegues who already worked together on different projects:

  • Miroslav Jorgaćević, Architect
  • Paula Vukašinović, Civil Engineer
  • Saša Nastasić, programmer

Our company was initially named "Company for Projecting and Computer Engineering".

After the initial drawing board projects, we started to have orders for realizing projects.
Our main drawing board projects included:

  • a hotel in Palić
  • a gas station in Trebinje

Our main realized projects included:

  • The fish restaurant "Zlatna Kruna" in Apatin
  • The hospital for Eye Diseases in Trebinje

Today, our company has 5 employees and several co-workers, hired on regular or occasional basis.

The main projects of the last few years include:

  • The construction of apartmentbuildings in Apatin and Sombor
  • The reconstruction of parts of the hospital in Sombor
  • The construction of an additional building for the hospital in Sombor

Our staff

Jorg@s Staff
Jorg@s Staff and some co-workers

"Jorgaćević i ostali o.d." staff

  • Miroslav Jorgaćević
  • Paula Vukašinović
  • Dragana Lazić
  • Momir Janjatović
  • Zoran Terzin

Regular co-workers

  • Marko Periškić
  • Nikola Koh
  • Milinko Mašić
  • Toplica Mašić
  • Zdravko Lalić
  • Zoltan Licenberger